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The Due Diligence Boardroom

Due diligence is a method of vetting an entity before entering into business arrangements either with a third party, vendor or customer. It’s also an essential element of good governance, calling for individuals and groups to behave with the same diligence and care as a reasonable person in similar circumstances.

In the past, due diligence was conducted by a board of directors that would invite a team of auditors to spend a long time going through financial records and other documents. While there are still situations where this is required most companies do their due diligence in the use of a virtual information room (VDR).

The following are the main types of information that are requested in due diligence:

This includes all financial records, like tax records, audits and financial evaluations from external providers. This includes profits and losses statements, cash flow projections, balance sheets and much more.

Information about the products and services a company offers, including any R&D projects dataroom currently ongoing. This could include a list of trademarks, patents and other intellectual properties.

Buyers are also interested in the competitive advantages of a company which can include information like their customer base, sales pipeline and market reach. This can be done by analyzing the company’s existing data on these factors and conducting interviews with existing customers.

As a seller, you must be able and willing to provide the information requested by an interested buyer. It’s not enough to give away everything, as it’s necessary to safeguard your intellectual property. It’s essential to restrict access to ensure that only the most trustworthy partners have access to your most sensitive information.

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