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Types of Shareholders in a Business

Shareholders own shares in an organization and gain from its success. Anyone can be a shareholder in a private or public business, and they can invest in many different ways.

A shareholder may sell their shares to another investor to earn a return. If a business’s profits grow then the value of the shares will rise as well which is referred to as capital gain. Shareholders are legal entities, individuals or members of a company.

There are different kinds of shareholders, and their rights and priviliges depend on the type. For instance, some shares have voting rights, while others don’t. Certain shares also receive dividends in a different manner as compared to other shares. These rights are stated in the charter of the company or bylaws, as well in state laws.

Common preferred, institutional, and other categories are the primary types of shareholders. Common shareholders are those who own the company’s common stock and have the right to vote on corporate issues and business decisions. Dividend payouts are based on the company’s profit. Preferred shareholders, on other side, have a higher priority than common shareholders with respect to dividend distribution and have an increased claim on assets in the event of liquidation. Institutional shareholders are large corporations like pension funds, mutual funds, and hedge funds that control a significant amount of shares in a company.

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