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We focused on same-sex famous people to possess surface with earlier browse (elizabeth

We focused on same-sex famous people to possess surface with earlier browse (elizabeth

All of our study got about three significant seeks: (1) to look at adolescents’ choices of news figures and you can celebrities getting parasocial focus, (2) to explore the fresh prevalence and construal off PSR inside the a teenager take to, and you can (3) to determine if gender variations came up when you look at the teenage parasocial processes. When it comes to adolescents’ choices of media numbers and you can famous people, i hypothesized that highly salient celebs, instance stars and writers and singers, could be frequently mentioned, with down rates out-of endorsement to own low-artistic celebs otherwise deceased mass media data. We together with requested correspondence ranging from type of celebrity selected plus the features teenagers from the them, in that extremely obvious celebs might possibly be of the appearance, whereas athletes and you may non-musicians could be enjoyed because of their speciality. To possess PSR, i asked adolescence whom involved with PSR so you can report a lot more hierarchical than egalitarian relationships, however, towards the quantity you to adaptation seemed, i requested hierarchical PSR becoming of love off good celebrity’s talent and you will egalitarian PSR getting in the looks. I along with requested PSR getting of the highest involvement, intensity, and you will funding during the parasocial factors. For gender distinctions, i questioned better affirmation regarding players certainly boys and you can stars certainly girls, high pricing away from involvement, strength, and PSR within the girls than just boys, as well as for boys to comprehend its stars due to their skills a great deal more have a tendency to than simply girls. Lastly, we asked girls to be so much more private about their parasocial points than just boys.


The initial sample was 107 girls (Mage = , SD = 0.35) and 61 boys (Mage = , SD = 0.42) in ninth grade at a public high school in a US Northeastern suburb. However, seven girls (6.5%) and eight boys (13.1%) did not identify a celebrity of whom they were particularly fond, so the final sample included 100 girls (Mage = , SD = 0.35) and 53 boys (Mage = , SD = 0.38). This ratio reflects the gender ratios in much of the research on PSI (Cohen, 1999, 2003, 2004; Cole and Leets, 1999; Maltby et al., 2006; Derrick et al., 2008, 2009). Adolescents were 73% Caucasian, 12% Asian, 8% Biracial, 2% Latino, 2% African-American, and 1% Native-American (2% chose “Other” or did not respond), and approximately 75% had at least one parent who had graduated college. Participation (72.3%) was solicited through a letter and consent form sent to parents through the school. Participants received a $5 gift certificate for ice cream, and the school received a donation. This study was carried out with the approval of and in tipik Moldovan bayan accordance with the recommendations of the Wellesley College Ethics Review Board with written informed consent from parents and assent from all participants in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki.


A study handled aspects of (PSI/PSR) and personality regarding superstars picked to own parasocial interest therefore the range and adaptation within the quasi-dating envisioned with the help of our stars. We examined whether or not star vocation otherwise relationship dreamed was in fact related to the advantages adolescents admired inside their selected a-listers, together with mental and you may behavioural signs from PSI/PSR, like participants’ level of engagement inside parasocial points, the newest emotional concentration of the experience, the work to find out regarding their chosen superstars, and you will if they shared their interest on these media numbers which have relatives and buddies. Professionals were first expected to recognize a same-sex celebrity out of whom they were such fond (“Most adolescent girls/boys has a favorite celebrity or a popular profile out-of Television, film, or pop community: hence Female/Men Star will you be including keen on?”). grams., Derrick et al., 2008).

Star Kind of

Media rates called was classified into the four superstar brands: step one = actors, 2 = players, step 3 = singers, 4 = standard famous people (elizabeth.grams., cam reveal servers Oprah), and you may 5 = editors. Celebs that fit to the numerous classes (e.g., Oprah is even a celebrity) was indeed coded according to classification whereby these were finest identified. A few separate programmers scored the answers; accuracy is higher (kappa = 0.92). Disputes was indeed resolved by the conversation.

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